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This footage was shot recreationally by Craig Crawford.

Blue Trail - 600m of prime flowing track. It has a firm, packed base that rolls well. Throughout the trail there are a selection of "red" drop offs and jumps that can either be ridden or avoided. The official trail may seem short but combined with the natural trails on the hill and the jump park you have a good lengthy decent with varied terrain. 


Jump Park - 200m of jumps and berms that are a challenge for any skill level. It is a real challenge to ride perfectly. 


Pump Track - A small tight loop of berms and rollers. It is there to perfect your basic mountain bike skills. It can be a challenge to anyone from kids on balance bikes to experts.


Natural Trails - There are many natural trails on Alyth Hill that offer a wide range of riding. See "Trailforks" map to the left. For more information you are best to give Alyth Cyclery a visit or give them a phone - 07871 309900 or Contact Us

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